Why Little Crickets?

With unrivalled outdoor space, children have the natural world at their fingertips!

We know that parents have busy lives, often juggling work whilst parenting.  We aim to support parents by providing a safe, warm and loving space where their child is nurtured and cared for, whilst being guided by childcare experts through their very first learning adventures in creativity, discovery, nature and play.  With us, your child will make new friends and move on to school with a firm foundation on which to build future success.


We focus on creativity to transform a child's understanding by fostering critical thinking.  We allow children to review, reinvent and make new meanings for themselves.  Our goal is to surround children with creative opportunities; nurturing their imagination and giving them the space to discover their own creativity.

Children are encouraged to discover the world for themselves and that's why a world of imagination awaits at Little Crickets.  Our Forest School embeds strong connections with nature. As proven in many studies, surrounding one's self in nature has a positive impact on mindset and mood and, for children, can provide the foundation for learning valuable life skills.  At every opportunity, we immerse children in the natural world to spark their imagination, enabling them to think creatively, problem-solve, explore, make decisions and develop their vocabulary. Being outdoors isn't weather dependent at Little Crickets! All children benefit from time outdoors each day. 

Find out more about our Forest School programme here.