About Us

Discover Nature's Classroom in Central Bournemouth!

Welcome to our Forest School, where nature has become the ultimate classroom for children aged 2 and above. We are dedicated to providing a holistic educational experience deeply rooted in the natural world.

Little Crickets Forest School is situated in the heart of Bournemouth and provides easy access to a natural oasis where children can learn and play in a safe and secure outdoor environment.  We're passionate about providing immersive outdoor experiences that inspire, educate, and empower children.

We offer Forest School Provision (ages 2-5).  Our specially crafted programme for the youngest explorers introduces them to the enchanting world of nature through guided walks, sensory experiences, and playful activities.  We nurture their curiosity and foster a lifelong connection with the natural environment in a safe and supportive setting.

Forest School Holiday Club (Ages 4-9).  For older adventurers, our Forest School Holiday Club offers an array of exciting activities during school breaks.  From woodland adventures and creative nature crafts to team-building exercises and wildlife explorations, we provide a diverse range of engaging experiences that encourage exploration and discovery.